Top 10 Minions Ringtones That Brighten Your Day

Is anyone trendy enough to possess a minion ringtone?

I know there’s a lot because of their cuteness and cheerfulness.

The Minion Movie

“Despicable” is the movie that is regarded as the most successful animated franchise in history.

It openned the new era when villians are the main characters.

However, that is not the only factor attributing to the success of “Despicable”.

The image of Minions – yellow, wear jeans and have their own voices and languages – is apparently invaded audience’s mind after watching the whole movie.

We have 10 different kinds of Minions ringtones

1. Minions iPhone Ringtone

Guess what will happen if we combine the unique melody of Iphone with minions’s sound. It becomes extremely unique and funny when you have a call.

Minions for Apple Ringtone

2. Minion beatbox

Beatbox is the modern kind of music. So that, when it is mixed to this background song (when Minions sings in the Accapella style), the Minion beatbox becomes incredibly suited.
Minion Beatbox

3. Funny Minion Giggles Ringtone

It’s Minion’s giggles that made a deep impression on viewers. Their laughter is cute uncontrollably. It brings to you the same feelings as when you play with children and witness their happiness.
Minion Wiggle Wiggle

4. Minion Ring

No need to check that kind of ringtone because you’re so familiar with your default ringtones, right?
Minion Ring Ring

You’re not keen on too noisy things but still don’t want to use one ringtone all of your life. This ringtone is for simple people.
5. Banana Minion Mix Ringtone

Another song sticking to the Minion’s brand. To explain this, not only because this song appeared in the end of the movie, but also banana leads the imagination of audience about Minions. They looks so similar.
Banana Minion Mix Ringtone

6. Minion Underwear
Minion Underwear Ringtone

7. Minion Merry Christmas

Minion Merry Christmas

8. Minion YMCA

Minion YMCA

9. Funny Minion Giggles

Funny Minion Giggles

10. Minions Ringtone Papaya

Minions Ringtone Papaya

How to download minions ringtones free?

After reading the above reasons, have you realized you need a minions ringtone?

If yes, follow our instructions to have those ringtones immediately.

First, scroll down and choose your favorite.

After that, click the “download” button and you will have the ringtones.

Don’t worry if your phone operating system is iOS or Android,

Because our ringtones can run in both of them.

Notice: All are FREE

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