I Like It - Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin

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I Like It ringtones are from Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy. The Latin Trap soundtrack, composed by Cardi B, J Balvin, Bad Bunny, J. White, Tainy and Invincible. Debuting recently, the song reached number eight on the Top hotest ringtones at iRingtones.net. In I Like It, Cardi B tells of her life and her lavish interests. After just four days, I Like It ringtones has reached over 1 million downloads on prestigious ringtone sites.

I Like It Ringtones - Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin

Lyrics: I Like It Ringtones – Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin.

Yeah baby, I like it like that
You gotta believe me when I tell you
I said I like it like that
You gotta believe me when I tell you
I said I like it like
Now I like dollars, I like diamonds
I like stunting, I like shining
I like million dollar deals
Where’s my pen? Bitch I’m signin’
I like those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks
I like going to the jeweler, I put rocks all in my watch
I like texts from my exes when they want a second chance
I like proving niggas wrong, I do what they say I can’t
They call me Cardi Bardi, banging body
Spicy mami, hot tamale
Hotter than a Somali, fur coat, Ferrari
Hop out the stu’, jump in the coupe (the coupe)
Big Dipper on top of the roof
Flexing on bitches as hard as I can

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