Best Years of My Life - Pistol Annies

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Best Years of My Life quickly attracted the attention of music lovers with tunes catchy, gentle but full of emotions. After only a few hours, not only the full version, but also the ringtone or music video of Best Years of My Life has been a lot of people search. If you like Pistol Annies as well as the ringtone of this Best Years of My Life, then go to iRingtones to have it in your ringtone collection. Good luck!

Best Years of My Life ringtone - Pistol Annies

Lyrics: Best Years of My Life ringtone – Pistol Annies

[Chorus: Miranda Lambert]
I was looking forward to
Staying here forever
‘Cause you asked me to
Didn’t think that I could do better
So I settled down
In this ten-cent town
It’s about to break me

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