The 8 Best Sites to Download Cool Ringtones That Don’t Suck

Download some cool ringtones from these sites, and you can last stop using the bore ringtones that come with your call ! Are you sick of the default ringtones that came with your earphone ? Do n’t put up with those annoying generic jingles ; replace them with some cool ringtones rather .
Whether you precisely want to avoid having the lapp ringtone as everyone around you or want to set custom tones for every contact, these sites provide cool ringtones for everyone. It ‘s easy to download them for your iPhone or Android earphone .

iRingPro Download
We begin with a solicitation of professional sounds that wo n’t leave you abashed if your phone rings during a meet. The three collections ( Origin, Zen, and Tek ) are all calm, minimalist sets of ringtones built around a theme, none of which will grate on your nerves .
The creators mention that they were tired of the pop songs and annoying reasoned effects normally used as ringtones, which is why they created these more respectful themes. They ‘re professionally produced and were once sold, but are now available for release since one of the co-founders passed away. The surviving owner wanted to honor his memory by making them available at no charge .
You can download the integral iRingPro collection in one ZIP file, formatted for either io or Android. There are enough sounds to let you set unique tones for assorted friends and apps, so you know who ‘s calling just by the heavy .
As described on the home page, there are several different types of tones in the box :

  • MG (Meeting Grade) are subtler tones good for professional settings. They won’t embarrass you if they go off during a meeting.
  • AG (Active Grade) tones are stronger and suitable for outdoor use when you might not hear your phone ring otherwise.
  • Each tone is available in short and long forms, which have different amounts of silence between rings. Adding an extended period of silence between rings reduces the urgency of your phone blasting continuously.
  • Some are multi-tone tracks, which change sound after each ring. These let you know how long your phone has been ringing, and thus how long you have to pick up.

If you want to hear humanity reaching for the stars every meter your telephone rings, NASA ‘s Audio and Ringtones page is worth checking out. There are some historic bleeps and bloops, or you could stick with classic phrases like “ the eagle has landed. ”
Related : extraordinary Sites for Space and Astronomy Fans
It ‘s not for everyone, but space lovers will find a fortune of cool ringtones here. You ‘ll find several categories of audio with both MP3 ( for Android ) and M4R ( for iPhone ) files available .

Mob Org Ringtones Collection
If you enjoy a little bit of everything, have a search at Mob ‘s collection of ringtones. away from a few genres on the left side, you ‘ll chiefly navigate this site by browsing through the tilt and checking out each ringtone individually. Use the search box in the top-right if you want to look for something specific .
By default option, the site shows the Most Popular tones, but you can change this to New if you prefer. Give it a look and see if anything here suits your visualize. It ‘s a capital option if you ‘re not looking for anything particular for your future cool ringtone .

MyTinyPhone Ringtones
This locate has a stagger amount of subject ; it offers over 550,000 ringtones to check out. Click one to preview it. By default option, the tones are sorted by popularity, but you can use the categories on the left to sort by music genre or popularity .
Click Download on a ringtone ‘s page to download it as an MP3. There ‘s a Save for iPhone button to grab the M4R version rather .

Mobiles Ringtones Site
here ‘s another massive collection of ringtones to peruse. It features a draw of ringtones used for the iPhone over the years, which is great if you want the Apple touch on your Android phone .
differently, it ‘s about what you ‘d expect from a ringtone site. You can sort by category at the top and preview ringtones before downloading. They ‘re available in both MP3 and M4R formats .

FreeTone Ringtones
There ‘s nothing particularly standout about FreeTone, but it offers hundreds of ringtones to check out. It ‘s always good to have a kind of options on the mesa, so make surely to give it a expect following time you need a newly ringtone .
It ‘s not the most impressive-looking site, and alone offers MP3 downloads, but it ‘s still worth a visit .

ClearTones Ringtones
Did n’t find anything you like in the exempt collections above ? Take a look at Cleartones, which offers three sets of minimalist ringtones. They ‘re designed to be discrete without distracting you and others .
Cleartones Pure aims to be arsenic childlike as potential, while Cleartones Organic is similar but produced with acoustic instruments. meanwhile, Cleartones Classic close resembles old-school ringtones but with a lighter allude.

These tones do n’t come barren, however. Cleartones offers sets of 50 tones, or 50 telling sounds, for $ 10 each. You can besides get everything the site offers in one $ 35 bunch .
Before you buy, the web site lets you hear a sample of each collection. We ca n’t imagine paying for ringtones is worth it for most people these days, given the prevalence of unblock options and the ability to make your own. But if nothing else, these could inspire you to look for something like on another site .

Mobiles24 Ringtones
Mobile24 is a pleasant-looking ringtone locate that uses coloring material good. It offers both Android and iPhone ringtones, and its download pages include information like the file size and number of downloads. Give it a look if the drab aesthetic of some earlier sites put you off .

Bonus: Cool Video Game Ringtones

While they ‘re not all available on one particular site, if you enjoy ex post facto video games, you have tons of choices for amazing ringtones. Check out our guide to the best free video recording game ringtones and sounds for some options from Mario, Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog, and more .

How to Use These Cool Ringtones on Your Phone

once you ‘ve downloaded some of the coolest ringtones for your device, you ‘ll need to know how to use them. fortunately, we have entire guides for both Android and iPhone showing you how to import and set ringtones on your earphone .
Take a look at how to install and customize your ringtone on Android, which is aboveboard once you have the desired files .
If you use an iPhone, you have a bit more employment to do. Follow our steer detailing how to import iPhone ringtones with iTunes if you want to use your computer to do this. however, you can besides create ringtones using only your iPhone if you prefer .

The Best Cool Ringtone Resources

Thanks to this collection, you should now have several places to locate cool ringtones and use them on your call. Do n’t settle for bland chimes any longer—your phone should be personalized to your own individual tastes .
If you did n’t find what you were looking for from these sites, there are many other places to find ringtones. You ‘ll flush find ringtones that sound like real phones from decades past .

10 free Mobile Ringtones That Sound Like Real Phones
Want a new mobile ringtone ? Try one of these free ringtones that sound like a vintage call, plus some from movies and television receiver .
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