Vodafone Caller Tune Number: How to Set & Deactivate?

If you want a individualized caller tone and you are a Vodafone drug user, then you are at the right place. In this article, we gon na learn a full template about how to set the Vodafone Caller tune. There are assorted methods for setting up the caller tune for Vodafone such as Vodafone caller tune number, or via the app, or by using USSD Codes .

Got bored of the same “ Tring Tring ” every time, and it ’ s time to change. Setting up caller tunes is a habit for many Vodafone users who wants things that are personalized.

Your callers will be able to understand your personality by using the caller tune of your choice. In this article, we ’ ll show you how to set caller tune by the Vodafone caller tune numeral .

How to Set Vodafone Caller Tune ?

Vodafone allows the exploiter to enjoy many caller tunes at minimal rates. Users who subscribe to Caller Tune for the first time must pay Rs 36 per month in rent and an extra Rs 15 per caller tune per 90 days. Users who have already signed up for Vodafone Callertune Rental will be charged Rs.15 per caller tune for a period of 90 days .
There are many methods by which an individual can set up caller tune on their fluid phone. Following are the ways by which caller tune can be set .

1. By Vodafone Caller Tune Number

An individual can dial up a Vodafone caller tune number and choose from the listed songs whichever he wants to set as a caller tune. The process in which the drug user can set caller tune by caller tune number is as follows ,

  • Open your phone’s dialer.
  • Dial 56789 from your Vodafone number.
  • As we dial the number, the IVR pops up with a list of songs to be set as caller tune.
  • Select the song among the list to set as your Vodafone caller tune.
  • After selection, the particular song will be added as your caller tune.

2. Using USSD Code

The 2nd method acting of setting up caller tune in Vodafone number is by using a USSD Code of Vodafone. USSD codes are set of some numbers along with some symbols that are pretty easy to use. The caller tune in Vodafone number can be set using USSD Code by the comply steps .

  • Open your phone’s dialer.
  • Dial the USSD Code i.e. *567# from your registered Vodafone number.
  • After dialing the required USSD code, a pop up of message will appear that will look as:
  • Among the given songs, you have to select that song which you want to save as a Vodafone caller tune.
  • If none of the songs are liked by you, you can press # for a new list of songs.
  • After dialing the number adjacent to the song you want to set as Vodafone caller tune, it will be added as your caller tune for that Vodafone number.

3. Using Vodafone Callertune App

The 3rd method of setting up caller tune in Vodafone total is by using the Vodafone Caller tune app. The app is available in both the play shop and app memory depending on your function system. The caller tune-in Vodafone number can be set using Vodafone Callertune app by the come steps .

  • Open your mobile phone’s app store or play store.
  • Search “Vi Callertune” or just click here.
  • After downloading the app, register using your Vodafone number or create a Vodafone account.
  • You will get an OTP for registration and after giving the correct OTP, your account will be created.
  • After the registration, select the song you want to set as caller tune in your Vodafone number.
  • Tap on “Set as Callertune” and following this, Rs 15 will be deducted from your balance.
  • You have successfully set a caller tune using the Vodafone caller tune app.

How to Deactivate the Caller Tune in Vodafone Number?

In the precede steps, we have discussed how to set Vodafone caller tune number using different methods. But what if one wants to deactivate the caller tune in Vodafone count. here are steps you need to follow to deactivate the caller tune in the Vodafone number .

  • Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  • You need to type “CAN CT” and send it to 144 to deactivate the caller tune.
  • At some time you will receive a notification of confirmation on your request to deactivate the caller tune.
  • Within 24 hours of your message, your caller tune will get deactivated.

How to change Caller Tune in Vodafone Number

If you get bored by the current caller tune, you can plainly change the caller tune of the Vodafone number. Changing the caller tune will deduct Rs 15 as an extra mission from you. To change the caller tune of your Vodafone number, follow the steps .

  • Open your browser, and go to the website “https://vicallertunes.in/home” or click here.
  • Log in using your phone number.
  • You will see a variety of songs to choose from.
  • From those, choose the new song and copy its CT CODE
  • Now, SMS CT to 56789.
  • For example, if the CT Code of the new song is 12345, then send “CT 12345” to 56789.


This is a complete template on how to set, change and deactivate the caller tune in Vodafone number. In the article, we have mentioned three methods to set caller tune in the Vodafone number. Along with the methods to set caller tune, we have besides mentioned how to change the caller tune along with how to deactivate the caller tune. In casing of any doubt on the teaching, you can comment down to let us know .

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