Dirty Shoes - Young Thug ft. Gunna

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Download Dirty Shoes mp3 or m4r ringtone for your phone. Listen, download and install Dirty Shoes ringtone artist by Young Thug ft. Gunna.

If you are a fan of the rap genre then surely no stranger to this song anymore. Dirty Shoes is Hip Hop, Dirty Shoes is from the best of Young Thug Feat Gunna’s Dirty Shoes. With the hit of Dirty Shoes so the ringtone of this song is a lot of children and listen to ringtone when someone calls. Listen and download the ringtone and install it for your phone!

Dirty Shoes ringtone - Young Thug ft. Gunna

Lyrics: Dirty Shoes ringtone – Young Thug ft. Gunna

[Chorus: Young Thug]
I can’t do nothin’ with that bitch, the way she flodgin’
Wrapped a million up, ain’t none of my dogs starvin’
Rolly-polly with that TEC-9, the carbon
Couple hoes they ménage à trois me
Gucci bag for my shoes, they look dirty
I got thirty new bitches like I’m Curry
Bought the Rolls Royce and came through Bleveland swerving
I just wiped my dick off with the Rolls Royce curtains

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