The Best Free Video Game Ringtones (And How to Add Them to Your Phone)

here ‘s how to make your phone geeky with ex post facto television game ringtones and presentment sounds from Mario, Sonic, Pokémon, and more. Is your textbook notification still the generic nonpayment sound that came with your Android phone ? Do you hear the livestock iPhone ringtone in public and wonder if it ‘s yours ?
If you ‘re a video recording game fan, you can fix this problem in manner. Video game music makes for amazing ringtones and telling sounds. Plus, cipher else will have the lapp tones as you .
Whether you ‘re an Android or iPhone user, we ‘ll show you the best places to download ex post facto television game ringtones. once you ‘ve chosen some tracks, we ‘ll review setting them up on your phone.

Video Game Ringtones and Notifications: The Basics

Ringtones are obviously intended to alert you when you get a telephone call, but they work capital as dismay sounds, excessively. Notification sounds are perfect for incoming text messages, emails, or any other quick pings .
To download a track from these sites, right-click on it, choose Save Link As, and save it to a folder on your computer. We ‘ll highlight a few recommendations from each franchise if you ‘re not familiar with them .

Mario Ringtones

The Mario series is one of the most iconic and important franchises of all meter. Super Mario Bros. on the NES made a name for Nintendo and marked the dawn of the platformer. And the series has n’t slowed down since. Its assortment of music makes for great ringtones .
MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAY For ringtones, check out Mario Mayhem ‘s soundtracks page, which contains links to MP3 collections of many Mario games. We recommend visiting The Mushroom Kingdom for your Mario notification needs. It has a big solicitation of sound effects, divided by category for each game ( such as the fictional character speaking them ) .
A few Mario highlights :

The Legend of Zelda Ringtones

The Legend of Zelda is second alone to Mario when it comes to prolific Nintendo franchises. This incredible action-adventure series blends epic fantasy stories with challenge puzzles and tight combat .
Whether you ‘ve been playing since the original or are nostalgic for Ocarina of Time, there ‘s a piece of Zelda music waiting for your telephone. And if you ‘re newfangled to the series, why not check out our guide to the Zelda franchise ?
You ‘ll find all the Zelda sounds you need at Dayjo. It covers all of the main games in the serial, american samoa well as spin-offs like Hyrule Warriors and Link ‘s Crossbow Training. For Zelda ‘s legendary music, check out Zelda Dungeon ‘s music page. here, you ‘ll even find some official remixes and Japan-only tracks .
cipher can go wrong with these Zelda tunes :

Pokémon Ringtones

Pokémon got a strong start with the original Red and Blue titles on the Game Boy. Since then, the series has seen many successful sequels, television receiver shows, movies, a trade batting order game, and more. Its mobile iteration, Pokémon Go, was a smash shoot in the summer of 2016 and is even going firm nowadays .
KHInsider holds a farcical total of Pokémon music. Choose the game you ‘re concerned in and you ‘ll find its complete soundtrack. For sounds, you ‘re a sting more restrict. There ‘s a solicitation from KHInsider, but it alone includes cries for the 151 original Pokémon. And for some cause, they all have several seconds of japanese speech after them .
If you want a specific sound not found here, you ‘re better off finding and downloading it from YouTube manually. You ‘ll besides find a huge selection of Pokémon sounds available to download linked in this Reddit stake .
Any Pokémon sports fan should enjoy these tracks :

Sonic the Hedgehog Ringtones

Sega created the Blue Blur to challenge Mario, and the hedgehog with an attitude gave the plumber a stir back in the ’90s. Those days are hanker gone, as sonic games nowadays appear on Nintendo systems .
And while most modern Sonic titles do n’t match up to the classics, you can relive the aura days with some amazing Genesis music. You might besides enjoy reading up on the history of Sonic the Hedgehog while you listen to these tracks .
sonic HQ is our finish for Sonic ‘s fantastic music library. Choose a game from the porcupine ‘s catalogue and you ‘ll find all its tunes ready for download. SoaH CITY is another good choice if you need an alternate, though the music comes in ZIP files there .
For sounds, a drug user on the SonicRetro forums provided zip up files with all the sounds from many early sonic games. But they ‘re not named properly, which makes finding the right one a job. therefore, a YouTube download is credibly faster .
Some of our front-runner Sonic sounds and tracks are :

Donkey Kong Country Ringtones

The large ape got his start as the adversary in 1981 ‘s Donkey Kong arcade bet on, but he did n’t receive a proper starring role until Donkey Kong Country in 1994. This consummate platforming feel created by legendary developer Rareware used ( at the meter ) up-to-date pre-rendered graphics for a more naturalistic look. even better, it had an incredible soundtrack to match .
We ‘ll visit KHInsider again, this fourth dimension on its Donkey Kong page. The three original Country games are the highlight here. For notifications, DKC Atlas has collected about all the DK Country sound effects in one ZIP .
Get your gorilla groove on with these highlights :

Crash Bandicoot Ringtones

The Crash Bandicoot trilogy hosted some of the best platformers on the original PlayStation. While the bandicoot did n’t see excessively many great games after his PS1 days, we ‘ve thankfully gotten some remasters of authoritative Crash titles. Celebrate this with some Crash ringtones .
KHInsider once again provides the soundtracks. YouTuber Dom Gilburt ‘s playlist collects major Crash heavy effects .
Try these on for size :

Miscellaneous: Nintendo Ringtones and More

Some video recording game music and sound does n’t belong to any of the series above, but it ‘s thus amazing that we had to mention it. here are a few bonus tracks we recommend adding to your video recording game ringtones and notifications collection :

How to Get Video Game Ringtones Onto Your Phone

now that you ‘ve downloaded some amazing video bet on ringtones and notification sounds, it ‘s clock to get them onto your device. To keep everything straight, it ‘s a good idea to separate ringtone and presentment clips before transferring them. If you want to adjust the volume of any spirit or shorten it, you can easily make audio adjustments using an editing app like Audacity .
We ‘ve looked at the best ways to send files to your phone earlier. You can use cloud storehouse like Dropbox, an easy-sharing app like Pushbullet, or fair an antique USB cable. If you do n’t want to transfer anything, open this page on your telephone and download the files directly on your device .
On Android, you ‘ll need to place the audio files into the appropriate folders, so the system recognizes them as ringtones and notifications. Use a file director app to move them from their current location ( credibly Downloads ) to the Ringtones or Notifications folder in your phone ‘s storehouse. then, go to Settings > Sound and tap Phone ringtone or Default notification sound to change them. The raw sound recording effects show up when you picking a telling sound for a particular app, excessively .
For iPhone users, this is a more unmanageable undertaking. You ca n’t easily browse the file organization like Android, so you ‘ll have to perform some trickery with iTunes on your computer to convert a track into a ringtone. Check out our guide explaining how to add new iPhone ringtones through iTunes, or how to create newly ringtones on your iPhone .
If you do n’t want to go through the worry locating tones on your own, check out the free Zedge service. It ‘s available on the network arsenic well as offering apps for Android and io, but the iPhone app redirects you to iTunes to purchase ringtones. frankincense, you ‘re better off browsing the web site and transferring ringtones to your device using the guide above .
The servicing lets you browse hundreds of ringtones and notification sounds that you can download right to your device. note that users upload Zedge ‘s message, sol track might have wrong labels or suffer from poor quality. There ‘s lots of video game audio on Zedge, so it ‘s a great resource careless .

Enjoy Your Awesome Video Game Ringtones!

now you have everything you need to replace your boring stock ringtones with authoritative television game sounds and music. There are dozens of other games with excellent sounds and enough of websites for cool ringtones, so feel unblock to substitute any of the music above with your favorites .
If you need some inhalation, have a heed to the best video recording bet on soundtracks for studying or relaxing .
prototype citation : Syda Productions/Shutterstock

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